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Dead Stop

First of all, a nice play on words. It was both a full, or "Dead" stop for Enterprise, as well as a "Dead Stop", a place to go look at some "dead" people.

Porthos desperately needs more screen time. I hear he is a primary character in the next show, but he gets sick! GET WELL PORTHOS!

themuffingirl, you said that you were happy Mayweather was "dead" cause they haven't been using the character. Well, wouldn't this BE a primary example of them using his character? He was a primary part of this story, even if it was post-mortem.

This is one of the best episodes I have seen of this show yet. It had the amazing writing, the action, fixed the ship problem (showing continuity between episodes, something we haven't seen in anything other than cliffhangers since DS9), and a stellar ending. I kinda had the ending in mind when everything was exploding, but I wrote it off. I was stunned to see they actually did it. This episode also sneaked in ideas from the 24th century. This serves two purposes. The first is getting to see the crew react to technology (such as replicators) that we find commonplace by having seen TNG, DS9, and Voyager. The second is literally WRITING canon. One of the crewman could have missed something from the replicator SO MUCH, he invents it for Starfleet. Ya never know.

Oh, and muffingirl, on the computer issue. It does sound like Miss Dawson of Voyager fame, but she isn't listed in the guest cast as "Alien Computer". There could be a good reason for that though.

She was the show's director. Hmmmm...... :-p

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