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I'm really liking Enterprise

In the beginning, "Enterprise" wasn't doing a whole lot for me, especially with what was seen as continuity violations, until I began to realize that there is a difference between the United Federation of Planets Starfleet (which doesn't exist, yet, in this series) and the New United Nations Starfleet; many still haven't seen the difference.

The real turning point for me was the different writing style: the season-long story arc. With "the Expanse", this series became a whole, new animal. Then, they kept it up with the Vulcan trilogy, the Augments trilogy, and promise more. I think one of the greater, though now worrisome, additions is the MACO unit stationed on board.

Now, I'm a military man. I joined the Army to fight, and knew full-well what I could be called upon to do, hence my becoming combat arms. While I believe the US to be primarily a peaceful nation, not all nations share such beliefs. Star Trek should do more of the same recognition, and, with the discovery of the Dominion and the Borg Collective, are beginning to. The MACOs were a great touch; ultra-capable, ultra-professional, ultra-commandos. I just hope they don't degenerate into the redshirts, and it looks as though that's precisely what is going to happen. The security forces of Star Trek have always been laughable keystone cops, and it's quite annoying, if not angering. Fortunately, the Starfleet infantry is not suffering from the same stupidity disease that the security forces do ("Siege of AR-558"). The MACOs were excellent, and when they were around, you knew a fight was going to be great and pretty one-sided against the enemy, as it should've been. When the Andorians were participating in a terrorist attack against the Tellarite ambassador, the MACOs wiped them up, after the first absolutely embarrassing episode of stupidity and unprofessionalism. Star Trek has always had this stupid policy of showing how bad opponents are, by having them wipe up the security forces, as though they were nothing, leaving them in the capable hands of a captain, a single security officer (guard), and maybe a helmsman and a doctor. They were more capable than their own security forces in stopping such things. Yes, they were main characters, but this is a very stupid formula, and I hope it stops, and stops NOW. I'm tired of it. Enterprise is building some good momentum and potential, but it is also beginning to slip like a bad transmission, every once in a while, in that aspect. There are other ways to depict how bad enemies are, folks. An exception to this can by the Augments, though, considering they withstood stun as though they weren't even hit. However, the MACOs should've been prepared for this; when I was in the Army Military Police, we trained in dynamic entries and repelling intruders in ways that would've stopped the Augments cold. One would think the MACOs would have, too.

At first, I was prepared to not watch Enterprise, but I need my Star Trek fix, too badly. Then, when it started actually getting good, I got hooked, again.

Here's to no slips in quality.
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