Hannah (therealbeanie) wrote in situationroom,

ok, huuuge fan of star trek in general, I've been watching since I was about 6 (about 10 years! - every series), of my own free will.
I adore sci fi of any sort.

16/f/UK (a/s/l)

Enterprise is the best series to date, no only is scott bakula in it but trip too!!

This third series is brilliant, I love it.
Does anyone know where I can get the jazzed up theme tune!?

not knowing what to put here, ummm, I've made some enterprise winamp 3 skins and a wallpaper all of which are feature on my website, enemie.net; (click to download of not go to enemie.net)

Click the link for wallpaper

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i'm liking what you done :)
welkies to the lj realm ... :)
and i've been a trekkie since i was about 10wks old, and that was the first episode of the original series, so you can work that out :)