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Random Thoughts

Ok these arw my random thoughts/ questions about Enterprise.

Why is Capt. Archer leading away teams or placing himself in dangerous situations? Isn't the first officer suppopsed to do this?

I wish everyone would quit picking at ENT for not following the 'contiuity time line' every show has messed with the 'time line' of ST.

What purpose dose Mayweather serve?????? He does absolutly nothing. Nothing. We see him drive the ship. So why not replace him with someone who does something?

How come every vulcan wears loose functional garments except T'Pol?

What is wrong with the opening song? I think it fits the idea of Enterprise. I know some trekkers hate it cause it has words. So what? I like it.

I love the show so much. It is now my second favorite Star Trek show. DS9 is my all time fav show.

I like how Dr. Phlox actually cures people. Not like on TNG where Crusher had to go everywhere to find some cure or new tech.

I love how they eat 'real' food. Made by a real chef. Not Neelix's garbage or replicated stuff.

I love the concept of Hoshi interpreting everything. I never did like the universal translator much. I understand how it can traslate languages encountered before. But new languages? That is streching it a bit.

Is the armory officer like the tactical officer seen in other ST shows? Does Malcolm do security also? Or does he just do weapons?

Ok now on to my favorite part Engineering and Trip.....*drools*

If the ship can theoreticaly go to warp 5 how come it never can?

I like the new warp drive design it looks much more 'normal' and 'functional' than the two story warp core seen in TNG and VOY.

Trip does such a good job keeping his engines repaied and in good order.

Ok enough ranting for now...............
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